About me

Hello and Welcome.

I am a self taught artist from Arizona. Born and raised in the desert I spent a lot of time drawing and painting as a kid. Inspired by Horror and Fantasy I would create my own creatures and monsters from my imagination. Growing up I wanted to be a 2D animator, then the Idea evolved into creating illustrations for children's books. For several years I worked with C.G. Bowman to create our first book together. The book was titled Monsters All Around and was self published and printed in 2015. My head is filled with stories that I hope to someday get onto paper to share with you all.


I also have many other artistic creations I create using a variety of other mediums. I sculpt with clay as well as work with leather. When I get in a dry spell with drawing or painting I will turn to another medium and it helps me to stay creative. I have sold my work all over Arizona at different Art events and Conventions for the past few years as well as selling online to those outside of Arizona.


   I hope you enjoy my work.

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