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Happy New Year

Welcome to the Year 2020. I have been throwing ideas around of where to go next in my Art career. I have ideas for a book I have been going back and forth on for a decade as well as an illustrated version of a classic 1800's poem. I plan on working on these and it may be a while until you will be able to see the finished product but this is my goal in the new decade. 


Along with these plans I have also felt it is time to try my hand in a Renaissance Festivals. I have wanted to run a shop at the Arizona Renaissance Festival since I was a kid. So I plan on creating more Fantasy and Mythology pieces so I can have a well stocked shop. So maybe by next year I will have a shop ready for the Renaissance Fair Season. 

                                                    -T.C. Fenwick

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Interview I did for az central during 2016 when I was a guest artist at Keen Halloween.


Here is a link to an interview I did  for Voyage Phoenix Magazine in Fall of 2018